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Engaging Communities to Dramatically Reduce Homelessness
Marbut Consulting
Our Mission

Our mission is to create and implement strategic action plans, customized to each community, which provide holistic solutions that dramatically reduce homelessness.

Our Approach

We realize that there are ways to successfully approach homelessness. While traditional shelters may have graduation success rates of 5%-9%, transformative communities around the country have graduation success rates of 51%-84% of residents graduating from their programs.

Transformative systems offer homeless individuals the option and ability to succeed by becoming self-sufficient, thereby dramatically reducing the homeless population within any given community. As such, we recognize the importance of customizing these systems to each unique community.

The Seven Guiding Principles of Transformation, combined with the Core Tenets of a Transformative System, influence how we develop plans to establish transformational communities, such as in: designing buildings, repurposing existing facilities, hiring people, activating volunteers, engaging the homeless community and working with government, business, faith-based and non-profit organizations.

The Seven Guiding Principles of Transformation
1.  Move to a Culture of Transformation
2.   Co-location and Virtual E-integration of as Many Services as Possible 
3.   Must Have a Master Case Management System That is Customized 
4.   Reward Positive Behavior  
    5.   Consequences for Negative Behavior  
6.  External Activities Must be Redirected or Stopped 
7.  Panhandling Enables the Homeless and Must Be Stopped

Core Tenets of a Transformative System
Dignity & Respect 
Engaging vs. Enabling ("Smart-Love") 
Agency-centric Politics 
Far-left v. Far-right 
Dogmatic One-size-fits-all Approaches 
Sensational Media Coverage 
Aligning Service Magnets 
Street Feeding 
Just Start 
Meet Folks Where They Are 
Never Give Up on Anybody 
If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes 

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