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... Helping to House the Homeless
Accessible via by CBS News [National]
August 26, 2012 -- With 17,000 homeless in Tampa area, public-private partnerships are doing something to help.

Homeless Expert Visits Panama City
Accessible via by News Channel 7 [Panama City, FL]

January 12, 2012 -- Dr. Robert Marbut visits Panama City Rescue Mission, meets local homeless veterans.

'Enabling Not the Answer for Homeless' Says Marbut
Accessible via by News Channel 7 [Panama City, FL]
January 13, 2012 -- Dr. Marbut leads candid discussion about area’s homeless with several city, county officials.

San Antonio's homeless plan (And why St. Petersburg cares)
Accessible via by Fox 13 [Tampa Bay, FL]
July 29, 2010 -- Taking a hard look at how San Antonio, TX addresses needs of its homeless population.

New facility for homeless in St. Pete
Accessible via by Fox 13 [Tampa Bay, FL]
November 5, 2010 -- With unanimous support of Homeless Leadership Network, could easily house 500 people.

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