Marbut Consulting
Engaging Communities to Dramatically Reduce Homelessness
Sarasota, FL

County of Sarasota, FL and the City of Sarasota:  Improving the Efficiency and Organization of Services


Marbut Consulting has been engaged by the County of Sarasota and the City of Sarasota in a joint contract to develop a Strategic Action Plan that evaluates and improves the efficiency and organization of homeless services providers within Sarasota County.

The scope of the project includes: inventory and evaluation of all homeless services in Sarasota County, a needs assessment of the types of services (qualitative) and capacity of services (quantitative) needed in Sarasota County, a gaps analysis of services between inventory and needs, strategic framing of action items based on national best practices and a presentation of the Strategic Action Plan to the City Commission and County Commission at a joint meeting/workshop.

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